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14. PD - Printing Drafts

In this module you will learn how to print a draft of your translation for checking and revising.

Before you start
You have entered and checked your translation in Paratext 9 and are now ready to print out a copy. Your project must be registered before you can print.

Why this is important
It is much easier to revise and check your work on paper than on the computer. You can also give it to more people if it is on paper.

What you are going to do
You will first produce a PDF version of your translation, which you can print or share with others (including non-Paratext users). If necessary, you can copy the PDF file onto your USB stick and take it to a computer with a printer.

14.1 Create a PDF file


Make sure you have completed the markers check before printing a draft.

  1. ≡ Tab, under Project > Export Draft PDF
  2. Check that your project is selected.
  3. Choose which book(s) and chapters or priority to print.

Choose the page settings as follows

  1. Page size:
    • 210mm, 297mm (A4) or
    • 148mm, 210mm (A5)
  2. Columns: 1
  3. Margins:
    • 25 mm (for A4) or
    • 12 mm (for A5)

Choose the font for the text

  1. Text body font: Charis SIL (or Charis SIL Compact)
  2. Size: 10 (or 11)

Choose the layout settings

  1. Line spacing:
    • 1.0 (for single spacing)

Choose the advanced settings

  1. Click on the Advanced tab
  2. Choose the fonts
  3. Choose what you want in the Running header (the text at the top of the page).
  4. Check mirror layout on odd and even pages
  5. Make any other choices as needed.
  6. Click OK and wait, the file will open in your PDF reader.
    • If there are marker errors, a message box will appear.
      • Click No, then correct the errors and try again.

The first time you print a draft it takes a long time collecting information on the fonts. But it will be much quicker the next time.

14.2 Print a PDF

In Adobe Reader

  1. (Make sure the PDF file is open.)
  2. File > Print
  3. For A5
    • Choose Booklet
    • Orientation: Portrait (for newer printers or landscape for older printers especially Win7)
  4. To print double-sided
    • Click on the Printer Properties button
      • A dialog is displayed which will may be different but will have a way of setting double-sided. For example
      • Click on Finishing
      • Choose duplex or two sided.
      • Click OK
    • Click Print

If you want to follow a punctuation system (such as French) and have spaces automatically inserted before complex punctuation, then see a consultant to have changes made to your PrintDraftChanges.txt

14.3 Copy PDF file to a USB stick


Paratext saves the PDF file in the PrintDrafts folder of your project folder. For example, C:\My Paratext 9 Projects\XXX\PrintDraft


There are many ways to copy files. One method is described below.

  1. Hold the Windows Key and type E
    • Windows Explorer opens.
  2. Go to your My Paratext 8 Projects folder.
  3. Double-click on your project folder
  4. Double-click the PrintDraft folder
  5. Right-click on the desired PDF file
  6. Choose Send to
  7. Choose your USB stick.