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Resources for learning Paratext

What's new - Paratext 9.x

Paratext Training Manual

This training manual (originally developed in Cameroon) has been revised for version 9.3. This website contains versions 9.2 and 9.3 in both English and French. It follows the six stages of the translation process covering most of the tasks in the SIL compact plan. Modules can be selected for various training courses, or it can also be used as self-study.

Video Summaries of 90+ Paratext training videos

Over 90 training videos have been produced to help you learn Paratext. These summaries are to remind you of the specific steps needed to apply what you have learned to your language project.
Summaries are available in English and French. Version 9.2 is complete. Version 9.3 updates will be added as videos are produced.